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ISBN 9780615486314

Welcome to Grieving For Pets.

This site is dedicated to those pets who have crossed over before us and are waiting for us on the other side.

Author Jake George, wrote "Good night My Sweet Baboo" after his beloved smooth collie, Moriah, had to be put to sleep after she had a stroke.

Moriah went into Grandfather's hands with my wife and I at her side, comforting her on her final journey.

Other author's who have contributed to this book with loving stories of their pets. In telling the stories they show they have overcome their grief.

Stories by:

  • Jake George
  • Robert Wetherly
  • Brenda Wilson
  • Debbie Sommer
  • Linda Slattum
  • P. S. Griffen

    Also included are a listing of on-line pet loss support groups.

    Good Night My Sweet Baboo" Kindle version, is now available via Kindle for $2.99. Watch for it to be released soon for the Nook as well.

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  • Wanishi, (Thank you) and Grandfather's Blessings.

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